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Plant and Machinery

 Our Exruders

As a group, we have five lines for extrusion. Installed capacity at Eesha is 600 tons per month. We can extrude film thickness varying from 20 micron to 200 microns with a width up to 1350 mm.

We have 5 extruders and Our latest one is 5 layer with 400 kg/hr Barrier film. We are equipped with Treatment equipments best in the world.

We process a variety of polymers LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HMHDPE, MDPE, MLLD, EVA, NYLON EVOH, INOMER etc from all leading suppliers like Exxon, Dow Chemicals, RIL.BASF, DUPONT, Burouse etc.

We have installed fully automatic and highly sophisticated 5 Layer Machine.


 Printing Machine

Eesha has four rotogravure printing machines printing up to 7 colours. All the machines are equipped with higher register resolution. We can print to an optimum speed of 175 meters/minute & operate on the Five Drive Control System. We can print on a variety of substrates like LDPE/LLDPE Films, BOPP Films, PET, Paper etc.




 Slitting Machines

We have four slitting machines complementing our printing facilities. We have a combination of surface winding as well as center winding machines all functioning at a speed of up to 250 meters/minute with a lamination film capacity of up to 250 GSM. Our Line Guiding System enables us to achieve excellent Web Alignment.


   Bag Making  Machine

Eesha has a Servo Driven high speed side sealing & cutting machine with facilities like lip formation, bottom gusseting etc.